The Optimized Gaming Glove


The WYOS │ Gamer Glove keeps your hands warm during Computer Gaming and excites with timeless design and functionality. The choosen Materials are warm, versatile and tough. Crafted with love and an eye to the details, this gloves gives a Gamer all his heart requests.

wolleemblemhandmade ● warm ● functional

The innovative crafted gloves are practically and high-quality. Through subdue minimalistic design the gloves have an clear stylistic element and alignment. They warm because of functionality ideal for every hand at work on Computer.

Games ● Websites ● Apps

The  WYOS │ Gamer Glove covers the back of the hand and closures the wrist: best requirement to enjoy Games, Websites and Apps. Uncounted Gamer will don’t moan to cold hands.

DSCN1132bearb1 agil ● quick ● done

The hardened fabric on the thenar optimise the agility on the desk and the mouse pad. It arranges matchless quick writing and minimize friction resistance.

Never loss a frag – Never keep an task pending.

fingerfree ● robust ● stable

The WYOS │ Gamer Glove is an technican-glove, fingerfree, extreme robust and stable – Especially developed to technicans. High wear comfort through Catania Grande Cotton – breathable, antislip, free of vibration.